Privacy Policy


Thank you for your trust in Walking Challenge application and United Solutions Foundation for Information Technology, which manages and operates the application.

  1. Providing application services to users registered with us in the application requires the collection and processing of some data about them for the purposes described in this policy.
  2. “Walking Challenge” application seeks to maintain the privacy of your personal data, and we are complying with the provisions of the national laws regarding the protection of your personal data, and we have formulated this “Privacy Policy” to show you the nature of the data collected about you, and the purposes for which this data is used.
  3. The term data refers to all the data relating to the users of Walking Challenge application, which includes their name, address, contact details and any other data that identify the user as well as other data related to the user’s activities through the application and data related to the devices used in the process of accessing the application.
  4. Within the scope of this policy, the word “Application”, “Walking Challenge”, “We” or “Our” refers to “Walking Challenge” application. “User” or “You”, “Your” refers to each person visiting or using the application or any of its services anyway.
  5. This policy “Privacy Policy” shall apply to the application and all the services provided through it and all the services or the other application belonging to us and which participate with us in providing the services.
  • Please read this policy carefully:

(1) Data of Children Under 18 Years of Age

  1. It is stipulated for using the application that you are 18 years old or more
  2. Data of children under 18 years old must be provided by either parent or the tutor.

(2) Account Registration Data

  1. We collect the data provided by the user to register his account on the application by submitting a user subscription request, which includes (Name, height, weight, gender, age, email, mobile number).
  2. The user provides us with his account data at his own responsibility, and if we are provided with false, not updated or data of the others, we will delete it immediately.
  3. The user’s account data, such as the account name and the account image that the user has added, will be visible to all users of the application.
  4. Some other information about the user will be visible, such as (Competition results, some products you buy from the store that require sharing data with other users).

(3) Contact Details

  1. The user provide us with their numbers and contact details during the process of registration in the application, and these data are only available to the administration of the application and we will not add them on the profile of the user.
  2. We collect data you provide to us while communicating with us to inquire about any of our services or face problems facing your use of the application.
  3. We collect data you provide to us to report content, illegal activities or activities that violate the terms and policies of Walking Challenge application.4. We collect the content of messages you send to other users via the application. The application will has the right to see the content of those messages for security considerations and ensure the workflow in the application.

(4) Electronic Payment Data

  1. The electronic payment service is provided to the user through the application by an electronic payment service provider contracted with us, to provide us with a secure electronic payment gateway through which the user makes the payment, and the application does not keep the user’s payment data, but the user will contact the electronic payment gateway directly upon payment.
  2. The user agrees to use the electronic payment service of the service provider and the user authorize us in dealing with an electronic payment service provider on his behalf.
  3. The electronic payment service provider or banks used in transfers may ask us for some data to verify the legality of payment processes and that they are for legitimate services.

(5) Review of Services

“Walking Challenge” application allows services to be reviewed through the application, and the user is allowed to add comments through the review, and the user knows that the content of the review will be available through the application to all users and visitors. We advise users not to publish any identifying data of their own through the review, as the user may not be able to adjust his review again.

(6) Other Data

  1. The data added by the user to his personal file and the content published by him via the application.
  2. Data you provide us with when you report a problem in the application.
  3. Data you provide us with when you communicate with us or the user service for any reason.
  4. The information of the persons, accounts, pages and the groups with whom you communicate and how you interact with them via our services.
  5. The information related to your use of our services such as the content you show and the advantages you use.
  6. The information and the content provided by other about you such as the information and your image others share via our services.

(7) Data that are collected automatically

  1. The information of the device (computer, mobile phone, the other devices connected with our services) that include the features of the device, the operating of the device, definitions, the signals of the device such as access points or cell phone towers, the information you allow us to receive from the settings of the device, the network and the telecommunication processes.
  2. In “Walking Challenge” application, we collect some data related to the use of services or relevant to them, data related to diagnosing faults and measuring the performance of services available through the application, and this includes data about your activity as a user via the application such as how you use our services and how you interact with others via our services.

(8) Cookies Policy

  1. ” Walking Challenge ” application adopts “cookies” technology, which are small files that are stored on the hard disk of your computer. When you visit specific web pages of ” Walking Challenge ” electronic application, the cookies will identify your browser through a unique and random number without revealing any personal information related to you.
  2. Cookies help us to improve your experience in using the application, know which sections have the most visits from ” Walking Challenge ” application, remember the language preferences the user has chosen, provide and improve our services and develop them continuously.
  3. You can control cookies from the browser settings used to access to our services.

(9) Third Parties

  1. We may provide third parties’ services, whether they were contracted with us or non-contracted with us, such as social media websites, electronic payment services and independent other parts services not affiliated to us, and these parts apply privacy policies and cookies policies of their own, and therefore the application has no control on them, The user must see them before accessing to other parts services through our application.
  2. If you use ” Walking Challenge” application services with other parts’ services, we may receive some data about you from these parts such as a referral process data for our application, which is a technical data that does not disclose your identity.

(10) Data collection purposes

  1. We collect data to register your account on the application, so that you can use our services and the various features we offer such as (collecting points and virtual currencies, getting into competitions, buying from the application’s store).
  2. We collect data to enable the user to add his own content and information through the application.
  3. We collect your data for the purposes of documenting the contact information you have provided us with, and verifying your possession of them.
  4. We collect your data to communicate with you about any obstacles facing the provision of services through the application or face communication processes between users.
  5. We collect your data to address electronic payment processes related to electronic services and products through the application, and address any problems related to payment processes or return the money.
  6. We collect your data to making available the services of measurement and analyses such as helping the advertisers and partners to measure how effective their advertisements and services and how to distribute them and to understand the nature of the persons who use their services.
  7. We collect your data to promote the safety and security via our services such as verifying the activities and accounts and confronting harmful behaviors.
  8. To promote the research and innovations connected with the improvement of the social media services, technological advancement and the public good.
  9. We collect your data to enable you to assess the services you get through the application.
  10. We collect your data to enable you to contact us and provide replies to inquiries you have provided to us through the application.
  11. We collect your data to individualize the content and the advertisements for you through the application.
  12. We collect your data to nominate the advertisements and the products that we believe are of interest to you.
  13. We collect your data for statistical and internal work purposes on the application.
  14. We collect your data for law enforcement purposes or public authority decisions.

(11) Sharing Content with Others

The user might share his information with others in many ways such as sharing the Walking Challenge services such as persons and accounts with whom the user communicates and the general information that can be viewed by any person such as the name and any information shared by the user in general and the content shared by others or reshared in respect with the user or the information connected with the status of the user activity or his existence via our services such as identifying the last time the account has been used.

(12) Use of Applications and Other Websites

You might share content with sites or applications that use our services or integrate them and they might get information about the content you shared or published.

(13) Sharing Data with Other Bodies

  1. We cooperate with other companies and bodies for providing our services, improving or developing them. We will impose strict restrictions on these bodies for ensuring the privacy of your data. Also, we undertake that we shall not sell your data and your data is shared with the bodies that use the services of analysis and statistics that we make available or provide measurement reports or the services providers who help us to provide the services.
  2. In case of selling the application or any of our services to other bodies, we shall transmit your data to the new owner.

(14) Data Management

  1. The user shall be entitled to communicate with us at any time to inquire the data we have collected about him and he shall be entitled to apply for correcting, updating, deleting or modifying this data.
  2. We keep data until it becomes unnecessary for providing the application services “Walking Challenge” or until you delete your account from the application either of them sooner.
  3. In case you select to delete your account, this means to delete your information, images, video, the status and content you have shared via the application “Walking Challenge”.

(15) Penetration of Security Standards

You know that the internet is not a completely safe means. Consequently, the data might be penetrated. In case of the occurrence of a penetration of your data, we will notify you within 72 hours from the date of knowing of the occurrence of penetration for taking the appropriate actions.

(16) Answering Legal Claims and Preventing Damages

We might keep the data or share it with the law enforcement bodies, the regulatory bodies or other competent bodies for some reasons:

  1. In response to judicial requests such as (judicial decision, subpoena, search warrant, order of placing under control).
  2. In case we believe in good faith that it in necessary to protect you or to protect the application “Walking Challenge” or to discover the fraudulent, harmful or illegal acts or to prevent them or prevent from dealing with them or to discover the unauthorized use of our services or to discover the violations of our conditions and policies.

(17) Modifications

  1. We will give notice to you any changes that might take place in connection with this privacy policy and we will give you the opportunity to have access to the policy after amendments or additions done by us before applying them officially and this gives you the opportunity to choose to continue our services.
  2. Your continuity of using the application after updating this policy shall be deemed to be an express consent by you to these modifications and a legal acceptance of the new practices and terms.
  3. In case you don’t agree on the new modifications and updates, you must immediately suspend the use of the application.

(18) Contact Us

You can contact us through contact us page on our application.